What’s the Deal with Real-World Retargeting?

As data has become a more significant component of audience targeting, brands have been able to execute more sophisticated marketing campaigns. For instance, marketers’ digital out-of-home campaigns now benefit from programmatic technology that allows for quick activations, when and where they need it.

In addition to some of the latest advances in DOOH media, Vistar’s Real-World Retargeting gives marketers the power to extend their DOOH audiences to mobile, increasing the impact of exposure tenfold. Better yet, brands are able to work with either Vistar directly or through their existing mobile DSP partner.

Real-World Retargeting Benefits

Now let’s dig in a bit on how Real-World Retargeting works.

Make the Most of Device IDs

Thanks to our direct integrations with supply partners, combined with unique geospatial data analysis, Vistar can identify the Device IDs of consumers most likely to have been exposed to your DOOH ad. Our partnership with LiveRamp ensures that the data is then processed and passed back with the highest standards of privacy compliance, making Device IDs safely available for retargeting on mobile.

Work with Your Preferred Mobile DSP

With Vistar’s Real-World Retargeting, clients have the flexibility to retarget their DOOH campaigns through Vistar or their preferred mobile DSP. By streamlining strategies, marketers can incorporate audiences exposed to digital out-of-home into existing mobile executions, while leveraging existing DSP partners. This allows DOOH to truly become part of an omnichannel marketing plan.

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