How to Reactivate DOOH With Flexibility, Without Risk

As government restrictions begin to ease and consumers anticipate a return to a new normalcy, advertisers are on the hunt for the most effective strategies to reach consumers once they're on-the-go again. During this time of unprecedented uncertainty, digital out-of-home offers powerful capabilities that provide brands flexible ways to approach campaigns based on their needs. Whether you’re a QSR advertising a new promotion, a big box retailer selling the latest beach umbrellas and chairs, or a tourism attraction ready to open its doors, Vistar is here to help you adapt your programs throughout this time of uncertainty.

Activate quickly.

  • Upload assets electronically and schedule, optimize or pause campaigns in just minutes — making changes seamlessly as consumer behavior, demand and situational contexts evolve.
  • Closely monitor government restrictions alongside media activation and pacing as conditions change — retaining complete control and identifying any opportunities for optimization.

Swap in relevant messaging based on changing conditions.

  • DOOH allows brands to be nimble and run different versions of their messaging — based on varying locations, times, demographics, behaviors, weather conditions or other factors.
  • Marketers also have the ability to tailor their creatives by venue type, ensuring that each message most strongly resonates with the consumers’ current context.

Pause or pivot media dollars.

  • Vistar's wide array of inventory and broad geographic coverage enables clients to easily shift targeting away from highly impacted regions to areas where there’s a better opportunity and it’s more appropriate to engage consumers. 
  • As government restrictions ease and businesses begin re-opening, marketers can readily move their media dollars towards best performing or new venue types.

Forget the demands of upfront commitments.

  • Most traditional OOH today requires long-term commitments and booking holds to be done months in advance, but programmatic DOOH delivers complete flexibility. 
  • As real-world conditions continue to change, brands can easily optimize your strategy in near real-time — whether that means shifting budget to different locations, adding venue types where restrictions are being lifted, or choosing to quickly reactivate a campaign.

Once optional, the ability to respond quickly to shifting world events and conditions, in real time, is now critical — and one of the biggest benefits of activating out-of-home programmatically is the ability to stay flexible. 

Want to learn more about how programmatic DOOH is helping marketers run successful campaigns throughout COVID-19? Download our new guide to flexibility.



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