Understanding Programmatic Transactions for DOOH

Thinking about purchasing digital out-of-home for your next marketing campaign? As the DOOH marketplace has grown and evolved, the means of transacting this powerful advertising medium have adapted to suit the needs of buyers and sellers. Across the industry, you will hear terms like open exchange or open auction, preferred or private marketplace (PMP) deals, and programmatic direct or guaranteed deals. To get you on track for marketing success, we’ve broken down the three main ways you can buy programmatic DOOH:

  1. Open Auction
    The open auction is just that - an exchange open to all buyers that allows them to bid on DOOH media. This type of buying has a broader reach and prioritizes audience targeting, but is not transparent (as a buyer, you won’t know exactly what inventory you are getting, only the type of venue) and supply is not guaranteed. An open auction purchase should be used when a marketer wants to execute a campaign across a variety of venue types.  
  2. Private Marketplace Deals (PMP)
    PMPs are a way that sellers can showcase unique inventory that is not available on the open auction. In this transaction, buyers know what media owners they are partnering with and sellers can negotiate a custom deal at a fixed price. These deals are curated with venue-driven targeting in mind, so inventory is transparent, but supply is not guaranteed. These deals can be 1:1, setup directly between the buyer and the seller, or accessed through Vistar’s Deals Discovery storefront.
  3. Guaranteed Deals
    A guaranteed deal is a direct transaction between a buyer and seller. Guaranteed deals differ from PMPs because the exact inventory and price are both negotiated and guaranteed. These deals are often used for unique activations, such as 100% share-of-voice takeovers or custom experiences.

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