Vistar IBM Watson Advertising IAB There DOOH Data AI


IBM Watson Advertising & Vistar Talk ‘Data & AI’ on IAB There

Vistar IBM Watson Advertising IAB There DOOH Data AI

IBM Watson Advertising and Vistar Media joined forces to discuss “Real Time Data for Real Consumers” on IAB There, the IAB’s half-hour live streaming talk show featuring subject matter experts and industry notables covering the latest in digital marketing and media current events.

If you missed the live show, you can watch the recording here. Vistar’s Lucy Markowitz, VP of US National Sales, and IBM Watson Advertising’s Philip Kinzler, Partner/Ecosystem & Product Marketing Lead, dive into how AI can help leverage complex data, innovate and expand targeting capabilities to all facets of a campaign, and help brands create trusted and meaningful connections with their customers.

Real Time Data for Real Consumers

In this session, we cover:

    • What defines “high quality data” and how brands can be thinking about data in all facets of a campaign, from search and social, to display, to out-of-home, and beyond
    • How AI can be applied to complex data sets, like weather, to help brands reach the right consumers with the right messaging, without the need for cookies or identifiers
    • Privacy-forward opportunities to reach your target audience wherever they may be, as the pandemic wanes and consumers get out and about
    • Applications of weather that drive behavior in ways that are both intuitive but also a bit less inherent
    • ...and much more!

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