Why Your Holiday Campaigns Need Digital Out-of-Home Media


As we enter the holiday season, it’s imperative for brands to make the most of each component of their omnichannel campaigns. While out-of-home has long been a part of the media mix, until recently, marketers were wary of this “difficult-to-measure” channel that required long lead times. However, with the digitization of the medium, out-of-home has transformed from an afterthought or a vanity play, to a key pillar of successful marketing initiatives.

DOOH provides brands an effective and proven way to reach consumers in contextual environments, on the path-to-purchase and at the point-of-purchase. With advanced data solutions for behavioral and location-based audience targeting, as well as the ability to measure campaign effectiveness, DOOH offers marketers the tools they need to gain market share or influence purchasing behaviors during the busiest time of year.

To help marketers reach their unique KPI goals, here are three reasons why you should leverage DOOH this holiday season.

Real-World Quick Activations

Has your holiday campaign received incremental budget for a last minute push?

Buying DOOH no longer requires months of planning – through the Vistar Media platform, marketers can activate DOOH campaigns in near real-time.

Whether you need to launch on short notice or just activate for a few days, DOOH gives marketers the ability to turn around a campaign – when and where it will have the greatest impact. Further, with DOOH, marketers can change creatives based on weather or updated promotions, capitalizing on key, time-sensitive moments – including Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the entire holiday season.

Have you read our REI Case Study on their Black Friday initiative?

Essentially, DOOH now has the flexibility of other digital channels, with the added benefits of a one-to-many medium.

Repurpose Existing Creative

Are you already activating TV or online video?

Who doesn’t like getting more bang for their buck? Video creative is a costly and time-consuming undertaking for media teams. Fortunately, you can take your existing video assets and repurpose them for DOOH. Many DOOH networks now offer video spots within their inventory, so it’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of DOOH’s efficient CPMs.

Extend Your Reach

Does your campaign include display, mobile or social?

Cross-screen marketing has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to reach consumers. By activating across multiple channels, you’ll generate more exposure and an even greater chance for repeated interactions.


Digital out-of-home is an effective channel for marketers to make the most of their existing assets, while simultaneously reaching new audiences.

DOOH venues have the advantage of being where your consumers are most likely to be, both on their path to purchase and at the point of purchase, increasing ROI on your holiday marketing spend. In fact, Vistar’s DSP offers marketers and brands direct access to over 200,000 screens and more than 70 media owners in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

So make sure your brand is where it needs to be this holiday season, with digital out-of-home.

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