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Employee Spotlight: Vicki Garcia, Talent Acquisition Manager

Meet Vicki - a Long Island native now living in Manhattan. Vicki has lived in Manhattan for five years, and has been recruiting talent for different companies for about ten (three of which have been at Vistar). Prior to Vistar, Vicki spent some time in the mobile ad tech world. As Vistar’s Talent Acquisition Manager, she’s always looking to attract the best talent to build the strongest teams across our company – and when she’s not doing that, you can find her spending time with her pup Frankie, or discovering the latest cocktail bars in NYC. Check out our Q&A with Vicki to learn more about her:

Tell us about your role at Vistar.

I lead recruitment efforts for our Business and Corporate functions globally, which includes Demand Sales, Publisher Solutions, Client Services, Marketing, People Ops, and Finance & Strategic Planning teams, plus hiring for new and emerging markets. Internally, I work closely with our hiring managers and company leaders to identify talent and build a recruitment strategy, as well as coaching teams on interviewing best practices and training on our hiring software. Externally, I evangelize Vistar, build relationships with prospective and active candidates, and guide them through our interview process. Outside of the hands-on recruitment piece, I manage our vendor relationships, recruitment branding efforts, metrics reporting, and recruiting systems implementations.

What is the most interesting part of your job?

Hands down, the most interesting and rewarding part of my job is having the opportunity to speak with so many people across the world, and bring them into the Vistar family! I learn something new every day from these conversations – I love getting to know everyone so well before they join the company, and hope that my involvement helps new folks to feel at home here. Outside of that, our team is lean, and I’ve had the opportunity to get involved in and lead projects that would have most likely been siloed at another company. 

Do you have any tips for someone looking for work in the ad tech industry?

Every company is different, so this is more Vistar specific. Often, our roles have pretty stringent requirements, so don’t get discouraged if you apply or reach out and the position is not a fit. Though most hires come from within the industry, we do hire at the entry level for some roles! I’ve been most impressed with folks who have done a lot of research and showed initiative throughout the interview process. Do as much research on the company as you can, ask a lot of insightful questions, and don’t be afraid to reach out to the Talent Acquisition team on LinkedIn.

You’ve been at Vistar for almost 3 years, how do you think the company has evolved since you started?

The company has changed significantly. When I started, we were in a one room office…my first desk here was a shared dining room table! Of course, the team has grown a ton. We’ve opened up offices in three new countries, added to every team in all of our locations, and built out teams that didn’t exist 3 years ago.The biggest difference I’ve noticed is how market perception towards out-of-home has changed. Even 3 years ago, many still thought of OOH as an antiquated medium. Over time, I think Vistar has changed a lot of brands’ and agencies’ minds, as they’re beginning to recognize the full potential and opportunity that programmatic OOH has to offer. I’ve also noticed that we have stronger name recognition now, which helps in talent attraction.

Since starting at Vistar, how has your view on out-of-home changed?

I came from a mobile geospatial ad tech company (after spending time at a search firm working on some ad tech clients), and before I started working for Vistar, I personally thought that out-of-home was just a very traditional – perhaps even dated – medium. However, Vistar’s tech stack, and the impact we’ve had bringing programmatic to the medium, makes OOH almost a new frontier for the advertising ecosystem. It’s really exciting to be with a company that is able to shape an entire industry!  

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?

Definitely spending time with my pup, Frankie. He’s hysterical and very sweet. Other than that, you can find me trying every cocktail bar in NYC (#negroniclub), or trying to burn through my ClassPass credits.

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