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Since entering the Canadian market, Vistar Media has been dedicated to growing our presence throughout the programmatic digital out-of-home landscape. In 2019 alone, Vistar’s Canadian team led a 211% increase in unique brands buying through the platform and 228% increase in programmatic DOOH spend. With access to more than 11,000 screens across Canada and more being added daily, there are no signs of slowing down! As our Canadian roster continues to expand, we wanted to take this opportunity to let you get to know who’s who and what you can expect from Vistar in 2020. Below, we’ve shared a Q&A with Team Canada. 

As the Managing Director for Canada, what would you say is the most valuable asset Vistar has to offer buyers? And where do you see the biggest opportunity for Vistar? 

ScottScott Mitchell:
I’ll start with our most valuable asset – something that I’m very excited about! Our platform now offers buyers access to a single, consolidated source of Canada’s digital out-of-home inventory.We’ve partnered with all major Canadian media owners, which is a first-to-market offering and unique to Vistar. As the leader in the space, we have a tremendous opportunity to continue to provide our brand and agency customers with opportunities to deploy true omnichannel strategies, with the added benefit of data and measurement.

Additionally, I’m prioritizing the development of the Canadian team. I’m proud to say we have a distinct Canadian identity, which lets our clients know that we’re not just a U.S. company – our focus is purely on Canada. I see this as a huge asset for our market, enabling us to better serve all sides of our business. 

Your team has recently kicked off a series of agency coffee breaks and happy hours. What was the driving force behind these events?


Lorena Forster:
In January we announced that OUTFRONT became available via our SSP.  What that means is that we’ve now consolidated every major media owner in Canada within the platform, making it easier for advertisers to execute DOOH than ever before (woohoo!). 

Across all of our agreements, we now have a significant footprint in DOOH supply, and these agency activations are to celebrate the milestone with our partners. 

As the supply account lead for Canada, what role do you see Vistar playing in the supply market? 

MattMatt Fitzgerald: 
Vistar plays a massive role in the Canadian supply market, simply by allowing media owners to connect to new and exciting sources of demand. On top of this, Vistar offers advanced features such as PMP targeting, as well as SaaS products, including ad serving, that enhance the transaction experience for media owners and buyers alike. Beyond these features, Vistar has a growing in-market team that deeply understands the Canadian market. Because of this, it’s easy to see why Vistar is leading the way as the largest DOOH SSP in Canada.

Can you tell us about some of the more interesting campaigns you’ve gotten to work on? 

AmandaAmanda Pui: 
Definitely! Our agency partnerships have allowed Vistar to work with some of the largest Fortune 500 brands, across
a variety of verticals, each of which brings a unique set of challenges, target audiences and campaign KPIs. We've been able to effectively measure key brand metrics from our DOOH campaign like awareness, consideration, and purchase intent. 

Recently, we worked with a casual dining client in-market that was running a Tuesday-only promotion and wanted to target a custom loyalist and competitor audience, then learn the impact of DOOH as well as how it drove in-store foot traffic. We were able to measure the percent lift in foot traffic to their restaurants and saw an overall increase in visit rate of 52%. 

Our BMO Credit Card Cashback had a similar foot traffic KPI to drive consumers into retail banks to sign up for credit cards (this campaign drove a 94% lift!). 

Another financial services brand in Canada that didn't have retail locations instead wanted to promote a high interest savings account. As a result, they were more interested in defining their target audience using our Audience Insights on gender, income and age, in addition to end-of-campaign brand metrics to inform their future creative messaging. 

We’ve also measured against creative message recall, consumer reactions and ad sentiment for a CPG brand operating in a highly competitive grocery market. This report ultimately informed the brand and creative agency on what creative messaging resonated best in driving purchase decisions and influenced the direction their creative should take for future multi-channel campaigns. 

What do you see as the most unique benefit Vistar provides compared to other players in the programmatic DOOH space? 

JeremyJeremy Breen: 
Having worked in the DOOH industry for many years as a competitor, I was always awestruck with the ideas and technology coming from Vistar, which were so groundbreaking and disruptive – especially in an industry I view as slow to change. Vistar was the pioneer that ignited the current programmatic DOOH race and continues to maintain the lead in that race. Programmatic runs in the Vistar DNA. And most importantly, Vistar is bringing actual, non-inflated, results in the form of net-new revenue, to both traditional DOOH operators and non-traditional digital networks looking to monetize. 

In addition to Vistar’s programmatic monetization stack, DOOH media owners can also utilize Vistar’s SaaS offerings which empower the media owner to programmatically sell their direct campaigns and have them intelligently delivered via our industry-leading ad server to our Cortex Player or a 3rd party CMS. The ability to continuously evolve with the industry, start & buck trends, and lead, never follow, makes Vistar second to none and I’m proud to be part of that. 

As the newest member of Team Canada, what attracted you to work at Vistar? 

Victoria Victoria Jannetta: 
Truthfully, I wasn’t actively looking to change jobs when I started the application process with Vistar! Having previously worked with Scott, we got together for coffee and he told me about the company and the Partner Manager opportunity. I was initially attracted to the programmatic DOOH space because it’s an emerging channel in Canada and the opportunity to help grow Vistar’s presence internationally seemed like a welcomed challenge – something I was missing in my previous role. As I went through the interview process, I couldn’t believe how great each and every person I met was and how passionate they were about Vistar and our product. The more interviews I had, the more excited I became about joining an amazing, hardworking and enthusiastic company with a great product! I’m so happy to be here. 

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