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Employee Spotlight: Dave, Director of Platform Partnerships

Meet Dave – an upstate New Yorker now residing in Brooklyn, he found his work home at Vistar Media. After spending several years at Comcast, IPG Mediabrands and The Weather Company, Dave now sits at the helm of Platform Partnerships for Vistar. He’s responsible for building and maintaining relationships, primarily with holding companies, and educating our clients about programmatic technology. Over the past few months, he’s branched out and begun the process of exploring how Vistar can partner with local advertising markets. When he’s not busy evangelizing benefits of programmatic digital out-of-home to the masses, you can find Dave chasing after his three boys, or tending to his prized backyard. Recently, we sat down Dave to learn more about his role and experiences at Vistar. 

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I have three kids. I fried a turkey in my backyard last weekend. I bike to work. I’ve ziplined over an active volcano. I have a #dadlife tattoo. 

You’ve been with Vistar for almost 5 years - in that time, how has your view on out-of-home changed? 

Honestly, before I even knew what to call it, I’ve always been passionate about OOH media and its impact. I remember taking road trips with my dad as a kid, down the East Coast to visit my grandparents. Back in those days (OK, Boomer), there were no in-vehicle entertainment systems, so we spent a lot of time playing the alphabet game, using billboards and staring out the window. Along the way, there’s a place called “South of the Border” in South Carolina (think novelty buildings, tacky shops and weird attractions). Every mile of the drive within approximately five hundred miles of the location is celebrated with a billboard, showing the distance countdown. That evergreen advertising campaign was cemented in my psyche and after spending years in programmatic display, I realized I can’t remember a single mobile, online, or even television campaign, in the way that I have remembered these billboards. Consequently, it has been really gratifying and fun to help brands to rediscover this medium by applying a programmatic lens.

How has your role evolved? 

In the early Vistar days, it was all hands on deck. Everyone was wearing multiple hats, doing anything that needed to get done to accomplish the mission. As the company has evolved, all of our roles –– including my own –– have become more specialized. Today, I lead all of our channel partnerships on the demand side of our business. 

What do you do as Director of Platform Partnerships?

As the Director of Platform Partnerships, I work on the demand side of our business to structure partnerships with advertisers, agencies, and channel partners for long term benefit to the programmatic DOOH ecosystem.

Is it the year of programmatic? 

It’s the decade of programmatic. 

Can you share one of your favorite customer success stories?

My favorite customer success stories are when our top partners and advocates get promoted to lead emerging channels and innovation groups, with our technology at the core.

Tell us about Vistar’s Annual Beach Day. 

My in-laws live in Atlantic Beach, an idyllic summer town right over the channel from Far Rockaway. They graciously host what used to be a small handful and is now a party bus full of employees for a day at the beach, followed by a lobster bake in the backyard. It’s a great morale-building event and I am proud of dragging my dedicated colleagues away once a year for a day at the beach.

What is one thing you wish you would have known prior to joining Vistar?

I am content to have come to Vistar with the level of knowledge I had, because it made for a valuable hands-on learning experience I couldn’t have replicated elsewhere. 

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