Supermarket Sweep: Digital OOH Strategies for Grocery Marketers


Consumer packaged goods (CPG) encompass a wide variety of items including the boxed, wrapped and canned products you find on grocery store shelves. From popcorn to peanut butter, chocolate to crackers, fruit pops to deli meats, the world of food-based CPG ranges far and wide. So how can your brands stand out in today's increasingly complex landscape?

Programmatic technology has enabled digital out-of-home and mobile to flourish. In the fight for market share, brands are leveraging these channels to reach today’s on-the-go consumers. From screens inside grocery stores and big box retailers, to roadside billboards and urban panels, no matter where your audiences are spending time — there are a variety of ways to reach them on the path to purchase with DOOH.

CPG Research for Marketers

According to our latest research report, “Capitalizing on CPG: Insights for Marketers,” more than half of consumers begin to plan their grocery list a few days before actually shopping, with 10% planning as far as a few weeks in advance. Given the nature of many families’ grocery shopping habits, this means brands have ample time to reach consumers between the planning and purchasing phase. Fortunately, DOOH and mobile media offer marketers the opportunity to reach these consumers while they’re on the go and across multiple contextual venues.

Examples for CPG Marketers

Consider a brand trying to break through the ice cream market. Seeking to target moms with kids in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and Phoenix, your brand could activate digital screens near schools, around office buildings, at gyms and on billboards. Additionally, with point of purchase screens on the rise, marketers are able to publish messaging when and where these consumers will be doing their family’s grocery shopping.

If you’re a grocery marketer, download our full report, “Capitalizing on CPG: Insights for Marketers,” to gain insights on consumer shopping habits and learn innovative strategies for your next campaign:


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