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DOOH Strategies for Beverage Marketers to Quench Your Thirst

cpg beverage alcohol

As we enter the warmer months, beverage brands have already begun to ramp up their marketing efforts. While people drink soda, wine and beer all year long, Memorial Day to Labor Day offers brands the opportunity to tap into weather trends, road trips, outdoor exploration, as well as summer nostalgia. Sunny skies, the great outdoors and time spent with friends and family – all enhanced by your favorite beverage.

According to Vistar’s report with MFour, “Capitalizing on CPG: Insights for Marketers,” over 55% of shoppers plan their beverage purchases within a few hours of buying them, and nearly 90% make these decisions within just a few days — representing a much quicker grab-and-go experience than grocery purchases.

How DOOH Benefits Beverage Marketers 

So when a beverage brand wants to reach their target audience, they need a channel that can deliver their messaging to consumers on-the-go, at convenience stores, grocery stores and liquor stores. Digital out-of-home and mobile media provide this flexibility, engaging consumers on the path-to-purchase and at the point-of-purchase.

For example, a major beer brand wanted to lift upper funnel KPIs for its product. Tapping into DOOH with Vistar, the beer brand successfully reached the target audience of "Convenience Store Shoppers" in specific DMAs — improving overall brand perception of the product among these consumers.

If you’re a beverage marketer, download our full report, “Capitalizing on CPG: Insights for Marketers,” to gain insights on consumer shopping habits and learn innovative strategies for your next campaign:


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