The Great OOH Debate: Static vs. Digital

In the great out-of-home debate, you may find yourself asking, “which is better: static or digital?” However, the question isn’t as simple as which is better – because the answer is neither! Both static and digital out-of-home have proven their ability to hold their own in today’s multifaceted advertising landscape. Now, the question becomes, “for this campaign, should I use static or digital?”

Since the 19th century, many of the world’s most influential brands have turned to outdoor advertising to generate brand awareness and product adoption. As the medium has continued to advance, static and digital have each come into their own. To help marketers decide which to use for a particular campaign, we’re breaking down the applications of each channel.

Digital Out-of-Home

DOOH is the ideal option when brands want to turn around an impactful campaign on short notice or be able to respond to breaking news. The flexibility to switch creatives or provide real-time messaging is a critical component to many campaigns – and DOOH can deliver. Spot-in-loop buying also means consumers aren’t looking at the same content nonstop, but rather a variety of messaging shown on a rotating basis. When programmatic technology is thrown into the mix, marketers gain the added benefit of targeting and measurement, as well as the opportunity to leverage features such as weather triggering or day parting.

Static Out-of-Home

For the brand that wants to execute a full venue takeover, static OOH is a great choice. Static requires a vinyl or paper installation, so it is typically a long-term commitment with the media owner. With static, brands can execute custom experiences featuring unique, eye-catching creative, sometimes built for the exact real-world features of the location. Always-on messaging means marketers are able to spread a wide net for their brand awareness goals, capturing the attention of anyone that walks by during the duration of the campaign.

Whether marketers want to make a big splash or use a more metrics-driven strategy, static and digital out-of-home offer unique access to engaged audiences.

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