4 Common Misconceptions Media Owners Have About Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home

Dec 6, 2018 Jordan Fraser
As digital out-of-home continues to grow, there are a number of hurdles that programmatic technology vendors must overcome before adoption is seen as a necessity rather than an option. Misconceptions abound in the DOOH industry, particularly when it comes to the perception that some media owners have about programmatic. Here are the top four misconceptions that we wanted ...
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Media Owner of the Month: ZOOM Media

Nov 20, 2018 Aliana Heffernan
In our new interview series, Media Owner of the Month, we will be featuring a different network operator and showcasing the unique digital out-of-home inventory they have to offer. This month, we spoke with Tom Link, Senior Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing, at ZOOM Media. Below is our Q&A with Tom, in which we got to know a little bit more about ZOOM Media and ...
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A Day in the Life of an On-the-Go Consumer

Nov 6, 2018 Aliana Heffernan
Have you ever wondered how digital out-of-home and mobile get from the brand, to a publisher, then ultimately the consumer? We’ve decided to pull back the curtain on how your campaign reaches people on the go – in the real world – from start to finish.
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How Digital Signage Hardware & Software Decisions Made Today Will Impact Tomorrow

Oct 17, 2018 Eric Lamb
Originally published in CIOReview The digital signage industry is experiencing an exciting growth period at the moment, with the rising interest in “smart city” projects and a resurgence of advertiser interest in out-of-home. The digital out-of-home (DOOH) market is projected to reach $26.2 Billion by 2023, largely driven by significant changes in all three of the major ...
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Vistar’s Full-Stack Solution for Media Owners

Aug 15, 2018 Aliana Heffernan
Since Vistar’s inception in 2012, we’ve provided media owners a variety of solutions, designed with their unique set of needs in mind. From the Vistar Ad Server to our digital signage software suite, Cortex, we have created ways for media owners to make the most of their DOOH assets. Here are the three primary ways you can partner with Vistar to monetize unsold inventory, ...
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Private Marketplace Deals Made Easy with Vistar’s New Deals Discovery

Jun 28, 2018 Aliana Heffernan
Transacting in the digital out-of-home landscape has long been a challenge for the industry. Its why Vistar has dedicated so much of our business to making the process as seamless as possible. However, with the new Deals Discovery, buyers can now explore Private Marketplace Deals (PMPs) curated by the world’s largest DOOH media owners from a single access point.
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Creating a Full-Stack Solution for a Unique Network

Jun 25, 2018 Aliana Heffernan
Earlier this year, Vistar partnered with Topgolf to bring their sports entertainment inventory to our ad exchange. Topgolf’s network of 5,000+ screens can be found in their driving range venues nationwide. For this new integration, Topgolf will be leveraging Vistar’s full-stack solution, including Cortex player software and the Vistar ad server. Originally seeking only a ...
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Seamless Planning & Activation with Vistar’s New Inventory Management Tool

May 17, 2018 Christian Collins
A successful media plan can be complicated -- we get that. At Vistar Media, we aim to provide our media owners the tools necessary to make setting up even the most complicated plan a simple and manageable process. Vistar’s new and improved inventory management tool allows media owners to seamlessly build multi-strategy proposals and launch them into single, ...
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A New Way for Brands to Connect with Consumers, In-Store

Mar 12, 2018 Aliana Heffernan
Recently, Vistar partnered with Pursuant Health to bring their pharmacy-facing inventory to our ad exchange. Pursuant provides consumers with health assessments at their +3,600 digital kiosks, found in Walmart and Safeway pharmacies across the country. This new integration allows Pursuant to leverage Vistar’s full-stack solution, including Cortex player software and the ...
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