How Digital Signage Hardware & Software Decisions Made Today Will Impact Tomorrow

Oct 17, 2018 Eric Lamb
Originally published in CIOReview The digital signage industry is experiencing an exciting growth period at the moment, with the rising interest in “smart city” projects and a resurgence of advertiser interest in out-of-home. The digital out-of-home (DOOH) market is projected to reach $26.2 Billion by 2023, largely driven by significant changes in all three of the major ...
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Prime Yourself on the Potential of Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home

Sep 5, 2018 Aliana Heffernan
A question we often hear is, why digital out-of-home? The answer to that begins with the consumer journey. Continue reading to get a high-level overview of this powerful marketing channel.
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A Deep Dive into Vistar's Ad Server

Aug 22, 2018 Marissa Bernstein
Let’s hone in on the engine behind Vistar’s DOOH marketplace: the Ad Server.
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Food for Thought: DOOH Strategies for Restaurant Marketing

Aug 8, 2018 Marissa Bernstein
Restaurants are constantly evaluating their marketing strategies to remain top-of-mind among rising competition. As the variety of marketing channels increases, it’s essential for restaurant marketers to find solutions that meet their unique challenges and put consumers in seats at the table. Digital out-of-home advertising offers brands a powerful platform for reaching ...
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Rethinking Retail: Back to School Insights For Your Shopper Campaigns

Jul 25, 2018 Marissa Bernstein
Back to school is an important time of year for many retail businesses. As summer comes to a close and parents and students alike begin to prepare for the school year ahead, it’s essential for retailers to capture in-market consumers and bring an increase of revenue and foot traffic for in-store purchases. In a world thought to be heavily influenced by Amazon, it’s ...
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Understanding Programmatic Transactions for DOOH

Jul 11, 2018 Aliana Heffernan
Thinking about purchasing digital out-of-home for your next marketing campaign? As the DOOH marketplace has grown and evolved, the means of transacting this powerful advertising medium have adapted to suit the needs of buyers and sellers. Across the industry, you will hear terms like open exchange or open auction, preferred or private marketplace (PMP) deals, and ...
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Vistar 101: How Much Do You Know About DOOH?

Jun 27, 2018 Aliana Heffernan
By the end of 2018, it is forecasted that more than $46bn will be spent on programmatic advertising. But agencies, brands, and media owners are often still confused by programmatic digital out-of-home, its terminology, and the transaction process. That’s why we’ve assembled Vistar 101, including What is DOOH?, Why use DOOH?, and DOOH Myth Busters. If you haven’t yet, we ...
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Vistar 101: DOOH Myth Busters

Jun 21, 2018 Michael Provenzano
While out-of-home has been around for years and years, digital out-of-home has only started to take off in the past decade. From big, flashy billboards to small lobby kiosks, you encounter DOOH more often than you think. But despite its ubiquity, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around the market, especially since when you talk about DOOH, you also need to talk ...
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Vistar 101: Why Use DOOH?

Jun 13, 2018 Aliana Heffernan
In today’s highly connected digital world, marketing revolves around data. And when it comes to data, marketers want to be able to leverage their first- and third-party audiences across channels. This is now pretty straightforward in the online world, but how do you put that into play when consumers aren’t in front of their computers? Enter digital out-of-home.
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Vistar 101: What is DOOH?

Jun 6, 2018 Aliana Heffernan
Digital out-of-home (DOOH) | noun | any digital advertising that is found outside the home, in a public environment. Outdoor advertising is a channel that has existed for centuries. Long before digital took the reigns, advertisers took their messages to the streets. Whether it was painted on the side of a building or plastered over a blank wall, these original out-of-home ...
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