4 Common Misconceptions Media Owners Have About Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home

Dec 6, 2018 Jordan Fraser
As digital out-of-home continues to grow, there are a number of hurdles that programmatic technology vendors must overcome before adoption is seen as a necessity rather than an option. Misconceptions abound in the DOOH industry, particularly when it comes to the perception that some media owners have about programmatic. Here are the top four misconceptions that we wanted ...
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How to Cut through Media Clutter this Holiday Season

Nov 8, 2018 Aliana Heffernan
Can you believe that the holidays are just around the corner? According to Salesforce, 56% of consumers feel overwhelmed by the advertisements sent by retailers through email, text, and online in the lead up to the holidays. Fortunately, advances in technology and data offer brands the opportunity cut through the gifting season clutter and leverage quick activations with ...
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A Day in the Life of an On-the-Go Consumer

Nov 6, 2018 Aliana Heffernan
Have you ever wondered how digital out-of-home and mobile get from the brand, to a publisher, then ultimately the consumer? We’ve decided to pull back the curtain on how your campaign reaches people on the go – in the real world – from start to finish.
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Samsung Drives Consumers to Telecom Retailers with Award-Winning DOOH Campaign

Nov 1, 2018 Aliana Heffernan
For the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S9, Starcom and Vistar Media, in partnership with LiveRamp, took an innovative approach to their digital out-of-home media activation in order to reach consumers ripe for a phone upgrade.
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Real-World Screens that Deliver Real-Time Results

Oct 24, 2018 Aliana Heffernan
Digital out-of-home advertising — activated when and where you need it? It’s possible with today’s technology and data. Whether you need to turn around a major campaign on short notice, you have incremental budget for a last minute push, or you want to react quickly to breaking news - DOOH can deliver.  Let’s dig in on the impact you can make with quick activations of ...
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How Digital Out-of-Home Fits Into the Advertising Week Mix

Oct 11, 2018 Aliana Heffernan
As digital out-of-home continues its trajectory as the fastest growing marketing channel, it has also emerged as a prime topic of discussion at Advertising Week. At last week’s conference, a number of sessions featured industry leaders across out-of-home, including our friends at Adspace, Captivate, Clear Channel Outdoor, GSTV and OUTFRONT Media, as well as the DPAA and ...
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Prime Yourself on the Potential of Programmatic Digital Out-of-Home

Sep 5, 2018 Aliana Heffernan
A question we often hear is, why digital out-of-home? The answer to that begins with the consumer journey. Continue reading to get a high-level overview of this powerful marketing channel.
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Understanding Programmatic Transactions for DOOH

Jul 11, 2018 Aliana Heffernan
Thinking about purchasing digital out-of-home for your next marketing campaign? As the DOOH marketplace has grown and evolved, the means of transacting this powerful advertising medium have adapted to suit the needs of buyers and sellers. Across the industry, you will hear terms like open exchange or open auction, preferred or private marketplace (PMP) deals, and ...
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Vistar 101: How Much Do You Know About DOOH?

Jun 27, 2018 Aliana Heffernan
By the end of 2018, it is forecasted that more than $46bn will be spent on programmatic advertising. But agencies, brands, and media owners are often still confused by programmatic digital out-of-home, its terminology, and the transaction process. That’s why we’ve assembled Vistar 101, including What is DOOH?, Why use DOOH?, and DOOH Myth Busters. If you haven’t yet, we ...
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Vistar 101: DOOH Myth Busters

Jun 21, 2018 Michael Provenzano
While out-of-home has been around for years and years, digital out-of-home has only started to take off in the past decade. From big, flashy billboards to small lobby kiosks, you encounter DOOH more often than you think. But despite its ubiquity, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around the market, especially since when you talk about DOOH, you also need to talk ...
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