How CPG Brands Can Boost Campaign Performance with Digital Out-of-Home and Mobile Media

Jun 13, 2019 Aliana Heffernan
Consumer packaged goods (CPG) make up one of the largest vertical segments in the retail industry. Stretching from the snacks on grocery store shelves to the cosmetics you find in the drug store, CPG products are everywhere – and in heavy abundance. But because there are so many different brands vying for consumer attention, CPG is a challenging vertical to market. ...
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Digital Out-of-Home Media Helps Drive Grocery Pickup App Downloads

Jun 12, 2019 Aliana Heffernan
A national big box retailer was interested in driving awareness and consideration for its grocery pickup service, as well as downloads for its associated mobile app. In order to reach these goals, the brand enlisted Vistar Media to execute an impactful digital out-of-home media campaign. Leveraging Vistar’s audience targeting solutions and access to a broad variety of ...
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Employee Spotlight: Gabby Stoller, Sales Director

Jun 5, 2019 Aliana Heffernan
Meet Gabby - a powerhouse Sales Director who joined the Vistar team back in March. After several years at The New York Times, leading ad sales across several different platforms and verticals, Gabby moved on to Verve and most recently, Placed. When she’s not setting the bar for style at our New York office, Gabby works with a variety of Vistar’s agency and brand partners, ...
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Breaking Down Major Types of Digital Out-of-Home Media

May 29, 2019 Aliana Heffernan
Out of-home advertising is everywhere. And as we’ve mentioned in the past, digital out-of-home media falls into two categories: place-based media and large format media. However, this time we want to go one step further, explaining who operates the screens, where they can be found and what sets DOOH apart from other marketing channels. So keep reading to find out why with ...
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Media Owner of the Month: NRS DOOH Media

May 22, 2019 Aliana Heffernan
For our most recent Media Owner of the Month interview, we chatted with Eli Korn, Chief Operating Officer at NRS DOOH Media, National Retail Solutions at IDT Corporation. The next time you're at a grab-and-go checkout counter, keep your eyes out for their screens! Below is our Q&A with Eli where we got to know more about NRS and this point-of-purchase network. 
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Don’t Miss These 5 Things at the OOH 2019 Media Conference & Expo

May 15, 2019 Aliana Heffernan
The OOH 2019 Media Conference & Expo is an event hosted by OAAA and Geopath, bringing together key players in the outdoor advertising industry. This year’s conference will include sessions covering a wide range of topics including programmatic technology, data, analytics and more. While it’s sure to be a full few days, we wanted to share the “can’t miss” moments at this ...
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Reach the Unreachable with Digital Out-of-Home

May 8, 2019 Aliana Heffernan
In a PwC report released earlier this year, researchers found that only two out of every three U.S. households still pay for traditional TV services – a 10% decline in just two years. Yet cord cutters are just one group among the many consumers marketers struggle to reach. Today’s consumer is on-the-go, now more than ever before. As individuals go about their daily ...
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Life Fitness Launches New Digital Out-of-Home Network in Partnership with Vistar Media

May 1, 2019 Leslie Lee
Congratulations to Life Fitness Media on their network launch!
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The Great OOH Debate: Static vs. Digital

Apr 24, 2019 Aliana Heffernan
In the great out-of-home debate, you may find yourself asking, “which is better: static or digital?” However, the question isn’t as simple as which is better – because the answer is neither! Both static and digital out-of-home have proven their ability to hold their own in today’s multifaceted advertising landscape. Now, the question becomes, “for this campaign, should I ...
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Family Matters: Digital Out-of-Home Strategies for Moms, Dads & Grads Marketing

Apr 18, 2019 Aliana Heffernan
Between Valentine’s Day and Memorial Day Weekend, brands often struggle to find a single tentpole holiday to tie to their marketing campaigns. It is during this in-between time of year that people will be getting ready to celebrate Mother’s Day, graduations, and Father’s Day - also known as moms, dads and grads. Now, the question is - how do you capture such a broad group ...
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