Media Owner of the Month: Alpine Media Technology

Written by Aliana Heffernan

Feb 20, 2019

In our new interview series, Media Owner of the Month, we will be featuring a different network operator and showcasing the unique digital out-of-home inventory they have to offer. This month – we were fortunate enough to speak with not just one, but two media owner networks! Recently, we chatted with Nick Haggard, Director of Sales at Alpine Media Technology. Below is our Q&A with Nick where we got to know a little bit more about Alpine and what sets their network apart from the rest.

Alpine Media TechnologyCould you describe your business – the types of screens in your inventory, where you can find Alpine screens, regions in which you operate, etc. – and what your network offers brands?

“Alpine Media is the world's only digital content delivery system for ski resort chair lifts and gondolas. Simply put, we help skiers and riders maximize their time on the mountain by providing real-time, relevant content including grooming reports, dynamic trail maps, lift status, and resort events.

Alpine screens are currently serving the Denver and Boston DMA's, as we are currently providing content to 4 ski resorts: Winter Park Resort, Steamboat Ski Resort, Shawnee Peak and Wachusett Mountain. Our screens are at locations such as welcome centers, ticket offices, rental shops, restaurants, hotel reception areas, hotel guest rooms, gondola stations, as well as indoor and outdoor mountain lodges. Furthermore, we have developed a patent-pending system that enables us to put our displays into gondola cabins at Steamboat and on the restraint bar of ski chair lifts at Winter Park. We plan to add additional resorts and DMA's throughout the year, over the next few years, growing the network size to be equivalent to the number of skier days in the country. You can watch the video below to see just how Alpine operates:



Ultimately, our network offers brands the opportunity to get in front of arguably one of the most highly sought after demographics - affluent and active men and women, with a great balance of locals and visitors.”

Where do you see the digital out-of-home industry moving in the next 12 months?

I believe there will be a stronger emphasis on creating more engaging content, with the aim to increase overall viewership, viewing time, and engagement.”

What has been Vistar’s most valuable contribution to your business?

Our ability to fill avails via the programmatic exchange platform.”

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 1.15.36 PM

What Vistar software capabilities do you find most useful?

“We've really liked the live map for trafficking orders and the real-time diagnostic and health monitoring of Cortex.”

What is the one thing that you wish more digital buyers knew about out-of-home?

“I wish buyers could be more informed on differences between the various industry players. IT is now very segmented. The content-to-ad ratio and integrations vary greatly from platform to platform, as will the actual relevance of the content and the captivity of the viewer. I think it’s also important for buyers to understand that some networks – like Alpine – have been built from the ground up with a focus on how best to reach and connect with a specific audience, as opposed to that being a secondary concern.”

Ready to find out how you can buy unique inventory from networks like Alpine?

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