Employee Spotlight: Chris, Publisher Partnerships Director

Written by Aliana Heffernan

Nov 19, 2018


Meet Chris – originally from Australia, he's joined Vistar Media in the newly appointed role of Publisher Partnerships Director. When he’s not chasing after his golden-doodle pup, Paddington, you can find Chris in our NYC office, helping to strengthen Vistar’s relationships with some of the world’s largest international media owners. We recently sat down with Chris to find out more about what his day to day is like and what he sees on the horizon for the digital out-of-home industry.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself

Chris: A fun fact about myself is that I went to boarding school for 9 months in grade eight before heading to NYC to live and go to school. My mother was posted here for her work so I lived in NYC and went to school in the Upper West Side for two years.

How did you make your way to Vistar?

I made my way to Vistar via Rubicon Project where I’d been for almost five years. Having been in New York City for almost two and half years, I was leading Rubicon Project’s efforts in the out-of-home space and was tremendously impressed with the success Vistar had achieved so far.

What do you do as Director of Publisher Partnerships?

My role is to support our strategic publisher partnerships and ensure we’re best positioned to support their business needs from a sales, operations and account management perspective. The partners we support are constantly evolving and approaching the programmatic out-of-home space in different ways. It’s my job to ensure Vistar provides the best consultative and strategic support in order for these partners to continue to take advantage of the growing industry. 

How have you seen the digital out-of-home industry change in the past year?

The digital out-of-home industry has been thrust into the spotlight as marketers, brands and agencies realize that as technology and data intersect, the strength of the channel continues to be demonstrated. The biggest change of the past year is that educating new marketers or brands is more critical than ever. Whilst out-of-home going digital will benefit all participants due to the targeting and creative capabilities, it’s still critically important to educate the underlying strengths of the channel and how utilizing new technologies will only strengthen marketers' media strategies.

What do you think will be your biggest opportunity for publisher partnerships in 2019?

The biggest opportunities for publisher partnerships in 2019 is to continue supporting our strategic partners in their growth and sales strategies in programmatic out-of-home. The team at Vistar is best positioned to provide the best technology and support as our partners look to incorporate programmatic sales into more of their business functions.

What outcomes have you seen for some of the larger media owners that have embraced programmatic technology?

The two outcomes that I’ve seen from some of the larger media owners that have embraced programmatic technology is accessing incremental demand and leveraging data for their advertising clients. Accessing demand that traditionally has not spent on out-of-home is an immediate outcome that media owners have taken advantage of as more of their screens become digitized. Leveraging and providing actionable data and insights is another outcome that media owners have leveraged as they can now provide rich information back to their advertising clients on the strength of their assets and locations.

What is one thing you wish you would have known prior to joining Vistar?

One thing I wish I would have known is just how insightful, smart and motivated all of the team members are to Vistar’s mission. It was amazing to enter a workplace where everyone is working towards goals and initiatives for Vistar and the overall industry.

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