Cross-Channel Campaign Drives 14% Tune-In Lift for Collegiate Sports Programming

Written by Aliana Heffernan

Jan 25, 2019


A major entertainment company wanted to drive consumers to tune-in to a nationally televised collegiate sporting event. In order to raise awareness and remind people to watch the broadcast, the brand reached out to Vistar Media to execute their campaign across digital out-of-home and mobile media. At the end of the campaign, measurements showed that the cross-screen activation successfully increased awareness, consideration and tune-in intent.

To launch this campaign, Vistar first needed to determine the target audience. Vistar created a custom audience of “Sports Fans,” based on individuals who had recently visited stadiums, arenas and sports bars. Next, using our partnership with LiveRamp, we securely on boarded the entertainment company’s existing first-party audience data. Vistar then analyzed the movement patterns of these audiences, activating DOOH and mobile media to reach the target consumers where they were most likely to be throughout the day. Consumers exposed to DOOH were retargeted on their mobile devices, further amplifying the impact of the campaign.

By the end of this campaign, there was a 3% lift in awareness, 13% increase in consideration, and a 14% lift in tune-in intent.

Over the course of the campaign, the entertainment company’s first-party audience exhibited the strongest response to campaign messaging. This highlighted the value of being able to extend the brand’s existing audience data and target a highly qualified audience with digital out-of-home and mobile media. Consumers also showed that they were more receptive to campaign messaging when they were exposed to media at multiple venue types. Unique to the digital out-of-home medium, this campaign demonstrated the importance of reaching consumers while they are on the go.

Ultimately, the cross-screen, multi-venue, data-savvy and mobile retargeting strategies proved to be a major success, drawing in sports fans who planned to watch the programming. Leveraging the combined strength of digital out-of-home and mobile media, taking advantage of the variety of locations DOOH could be displayed, activating their existing customer base and boosting campaign impact with real world retargeting proved to be a game winning strategy for this entertainment company.