Vistar’s Full-Stack Solution for Media Owners


Vistar’s Full-Stack Solution for Media Owners

Since Vistar’s inception in 2012, we’ve provided media owners a variety of solutions, designed with their unique set of needs in mind. From the Vistar Ad Server to our digital signage software suite, Cortex, we have created ways for media owners to make the most of their DOOH assets. Here are the three primary ways you can partner with Vistar to monetize unsold inventory, centralize and optimize sales and operations for direct business, as well as manage your network infrastructure.

Revenue Operations: the Vistar Ad Exchange

Vistar Media’s Ad Exchange provides media owners with access to the largest source of digital demand from the world’s top programmatic buyers. Vistar’s programmatic dashboard gives media owners full transparency and control over monetizing your inventory. Whether your selling on the open exchange or through Deals Discovery, you determine the method of transacting, how much to charge, and what inventory to make available. Vistar brings buyers to you, helping you increase the scale of brands you work and tap into new digital sources of revenue.


Ad Operations: the Vistar Ad Server

The easiest and fastest way to gain access to the monetization from the Vistar Exchange is through using the Vistar Ad Server. The Vistar Ad Server takes your networking into programmatic territory, using a real-time decision engine for intelligent programmatic ad serving. Eliminate time spent manually scheduling complicated playlists, and apply targeting to determine where and when ads should run.

You’ll also gain access to near real-time reporting. Media owners gain insight into inventory performance and reduce the amount of time needed for billing with the help of Vistar’s network-wide reporting of ad delivery. Reports can be customized and exported for internal use or to share with clients.

Once you understand your inventory availability, you can maximize yield. Having a holistic view across direct and exchange demand, media owners' internal teams can reserve and book inventory in advance, without overselling.


Network Operations: Vistar’s Cortex Signage Software

Seamlessly control all devices and content while mastering the on-screen experience with Cortex by Vistar. Through our Cortex product suite, digital signage networks are able to manage devices, develop a their customer experience, and have access to network diagnostics. Whether you’re managing a large fleet or operating a few high-impact screens, Cortex helps you take care of key operational logistics. Our web-based diagnostics mean you can register, configure, monitor and upgrade players remotely, allowing you to seamlessly roll out changes across your network.

Media owners that adopt Cortex are automatically integrated with the Vistar Exchange, opening an immediate revenue stream so you start making money right away. You also can completely control the on-screen experience - build custom apps for anything ranging from transit updates to weather notifications, all based on web-standard technology (HTML, JavaScript, CSS).


Whether you’re looking to quickly monetize your network, or fully upgrade your business operations into a programmatic powerhouse, Vistar can help! Ready to learn more about how we can work with your business?

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