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Opening the Programmatic Ecosystem: What's Ahead for Vistar & the Industry

Oct 9, 2019 Michael Provenzano
Since day one at Vistar, our vision has been to bring the benefits of data & automation to the out-of-home industry, and to help advertisers further take advantage of this impactful advertising channel. I’m thrilled that we’ve taken another large step forward in realizing that vision, by building direct integrations with some of the world’s largest omnichannel advertising ...
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Vistar 101: DOOH Myth Busters

Jun 21, 2018 Michael Provenzano
While out-of-home has been around for years and years, digital out-of-home has only started to take off in the past decade. From big, flashy billboards to small lobby kiosks, you encounter DOOH more often than you think. But despite its ubiquity, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around the market, especially since when you talk about DOOH, you also need to talk ...
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Up Next for Vistar: New Global Offices, Same Company Culture

May 8, 2018 Michael Provenzano
The first few months of this year have been incredibly busy for the team at Vistar and we’ve been thrilled with the results so far.
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Programmatic Out-of-Home: Our Journey So Far

Nov 30, 2017 Michael Provenzano
From a software team in a row home in Philly to a global advertising technology enterprise, a look at how programmatic is transforming the OOH industry.
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Trying to Fund Your Smart City Initiatives? OOH Might Be Able to Help

Jul 13, 2017 Michael Provenzano
Few companies reign supreme in the tech world quite like Google. In 2016, Alphabet Inc. (Google’s parent company) reported more than $90 billion in revenue, up 20% from 2015. Even more impressive is that $79.4 billion of their revenue came from advertising. However, while the number of ads sold by Google has steadily increased, cost per click is dwindling. If this trend ...
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Vistar Receives Our First Patent!

Jul 11, 2017 Michael Provenzano
We recently received news that Vistar's first patent has been approved by the US Patent Office. When we submitted the application back in 2014, we were tackling the problems of verifying and correcting inaccurate location data. Since then, we've had many more innovations and been able to grow a thriving business that provides our clients with valuable insights about their ...
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