Vistar Media Named “Best Advertising Platform” by Street Fight Magazine

Nov 14, 2019 Aliana Heffernan
The award recognizes the increasing industry need for an integrated, programmatic platform for digital out-of-home. 
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Top Programmatic Publishers Weigh In On New DSP Partnerships

Nov 13, 2019 Leslie Lee
Last month Vistar Media announced a milestone in expanding the programmatic out-of-home ecosystem through direct integrations with leading omnichannel DSPs (Verizon Media, MediaMath, Amobee and Adelphic). The entrance of these global platforms into DOOH presents enormous opportunity for media owners that have adopted programmatic as part of their own sales strategies. But ...
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Programmatic & Politics: Digital Out-of-Home Strategies for Voter Campaigns

Nov 6, 2019 Aliana Heffernan
In 2016, $6.5 billion was spent on the presidential and congressional elections combined. Even more staggering, congressional races alone accounted for $4 billion, compared to $3.8 billion in 2014 and under $3.7 billion in 2012. With political spending predicted to approach $10 billion in 2020, it’s clear that political advertisers will have their hands full over the ...
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Employee Spotlight: Marissa, Sr. Marketing Manager, Demand

Oct 30, 2019 Aliana Heffernan
Meet Marissa - a Long Island native, she graduated from the University of Florida and quickly started her career in the media industry. After working for several years at Vox Media and Forbes, Marissa pivoted to the world of advertising technology. As the leader of demand sales initiatives for the Marketing team at Vistar Media, her core focus is to make sure we provide ...
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Why Your Holiday Campaigns Need Digital Out-of-Home Media

Oct 23, 2019 Aliana Heffernan
As we enter the holiday season, it’s imperative for brands to make the most of each component of their omnichannel campaigns. While out-of-home has long been a part of the media mix, until recently, marketers were wary of this “difficult-to-measure” channel that required long lead times. However, with the digitization of the medium, out-of-home has transformed from an ...
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Class is Back in Session: Vistar Media Organizes School Supply Drive for Kids in Need Foundation

Oct 16, 2019 Aliana Heffernan
Last month, Vistar Media launched a company-wide initiative, partnering with the Kids in Need Foundation and their international affiliate, World Vision. Our goal was to help teachers, who were just kicking off their school year, with a three-week long fundraiser and supply drive. 
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Media Owner of the Month: Media City

Oct 10, 2019 Aliana Heffernan
In our latest Media Owner of the Month interview, we caught up with Sylvio Deluca, CEO of Media City. This Canadian out-of-home company managed some of the earliest instances of digital signage in the country and has grown their network over the years to include roadside billboards, office buildings and shopping centers. Below is our Q&A with Sylvio where learned more ...
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Opening the Programmatic Ecosystem: What's Ahead for Vistar & the Industry

Oct 9, 2019 Michael Provenzano
Since day one at Vistar, our vision has been to bring the benefits of data & automation to the out-of-home industry, and to help advertisers further take advantage of this impactful advertising channel. I’m thrilled that we’ve taken another large step forward in realizing that vision, by building direct integrations with some of the world’s largest omnichannel advertising ...
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Why You Need To Be At New York Digital Signage Week

Oct 2, 2019 Aliana Heffernan
Can you believe that New York Digital Signage Week is less than two weeks away? This year’s NYDSW will run from Monday, October 14th to Friday October 18th, 2019. Once again, it will be a mix of free and paid events, including conferences, showcases, cocktails, open house, breakfast debates, tours and more. The Vistar Media team will be at tons of events throughout the ...
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Spark Foundry on the Value of Digital Out-of-Home

Oct 1, 2019 Aliana Heffernan
As a continuously evolving medium, digital out-of-home has experienced rapid growth as it’s been adopted by many of the largest and most innovative brands and agencies. To gain a deeper understanding of how DOOH has changed advertising, we spoke with Laura Peterson, VP of Precision Marketing at Spark Foundry. Learn how she and her team have successfully incorporated DOOH ...
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